07-26 2021   16:06:35

Chinese App Overseas Thailand - H1 Southeast Asian Market of Chinese APP going Overseas Insight

Thailand MOBA games dominate the sea marketing, Chinese online video market in Thailand has seen repeated results.


Thailand is a digital market figure of the population economy group in terms of population and Internet network, it is the country with the long daily visits of the global mobile Internet, and it is also the largest second mobile game market in the global population area. The country accounts for 28% of the region's total income.


It statistics on the iOS & Google Play Store rankings of Thai games in the first half of 2021 show that Tencent’s ace product "Honor of Kings" overseas version and "PUBG MOBILE" two MOBA games are free and grossing double list champion and runner-up respectively, Chinese MOBA games in Thailand is hot.



In 2021, Chinese video online manufacturers have achieved great success in Thailand. The Thai marketing following the successful attempts of video (Tencent), iQiyi (Baidu), and Viu (PCCW), which focuses on the two-dimensional direction, has also successfully broken through.