07-19 2021   16:43:54

Chinese App Overseas Indonesia - H1 Southeast Asian Market of Chinese APP going Overseas Insight

Chinese games dominate the field of Education and Strategy

Chinese Apps go overseas to focus on Video Social Networking

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing application markets in the world and the fourth most populous country in the world. In terms of user volume, Indonesia is the largest smartphone market in Southeast Asia. In terms of mobile game downloads, Indonesia accounts for 38% of the total downloads in the region, and revenue accounts for approximately 15% of the market share.

2021 H1 Indonesia Game APP Category Share of Chinese Product

It statistics on the Google Play Store TOP 500 of Indonesian games show that, for the national distribution of various types of games, Chinese products accounted for 68.4% and 66.7% of the free list, educational and MOBA games, respectively. On the grossing list, in strategy and MOBA games, Chinese products accounted for 68% and 66.5% respectively. In the role-playing category, Chinese products also account for half of the country. At present, in the education and strategy games in the Indonesian market, Chinese products have occupied an absolute leading position.

2021 H1 Indonesia Non Game APP Category Share of Chinese Product


It statistics on the Google Play Store TOP 500, a non-gaming app in Indonesia, show that among the types of Chinese apps in the Indonesian market, Video Network accounts for 21.7% of the free list, leading other types, followed by video editing, tools, and photography. The grossing list is also dominated by Video Network categories, followed by photo, books, and video editing. Looking at the free and grossing lists, video social networking, video editing and photo are currently the main categories in the Chinese Indonesian market. In addition, books are also a popular category.