05-13 2021   13:59:58

DotC United Group Once Again in the "trillion" of Chinese Unicorn Enterprises List

China Unicorn Enterprise Research Report 2021 (hereinafter referred to as "report") was officially released at the 2021 China (Tianjin) High Growth Press Conference held by Great Wall strategic consulting and Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau On April 26.

2021 China (Tianjin) High Growth Press Conference


There will be 251 Unicorn enterprises in China with a total valuation exceeding one trillion dollars for the first time in 2020. Compared with the previous year, there are 72 new Unicorn enterprises in 2020, of which 26 are from potential Unicorn enterprises. 24 unicorn enterprises will be listed on the stock and 4 unicorn enterprises had set up more than 10 years.


It is highly recognized by the professional jury with a valuation of 1.09 billion, DUG has been included in the latest PitchBook Global Enterprise Valuation List of the US data analysis company, unicorn list of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Hurun Unicorn List and many other Global Unicorn Lists since 2017. As one of the most influential data intelligence companies, DotC United Group (DUG) has always been committed to building platform based intelligent tools to create growth, retention, cash flow and full link solutions. Our solutions utilize the latest technologies, including Big Data, AI, machine learning and analysis, to provide our customers with unique competitive advantages.


Relying on Universal Automation and intelligence, DUG creates a whole chain solution for growth, retention and realization. Marketing Cloud supports cross platform, cross product, cross data source, and provides personalized automatic configuration in many complex situations for the industry pain point. Through machine learning + big data to describe, diagnose, predict and instruct business pain points, and finally tailor personalized commercial application scheme based on data and information for partners. Based on the advanced marketing cloud business logic, combined with the profound industry accumulation and technical reserves of DUG information, it has helped hundreds of partners, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to realize the globalization strategy.

DotC United Group


DotC United Group will live up to expectations, adhere to big data-driven, high-tech innovation oriented, focus on technology iteration and business model innovation, continue to enhance core competitiveness, and strive to provide global customers with excellent full link marketing solutions, and continue to enable the globalization process of Chinese enterprises.