10-16 2019   13:10:47

DotC United Group founder & CEO Shi Yi successfully entered the list of "2019 Hurun Under30s entrepreneurial leader"

DotC United Group founder & CEO Shi Yi successfully entered the list of "2019 Hurun Under30s entrepreneurial leader"

(September 27, 2019, Shenzhen) Hurun Report today released "2019 Hurun Under 30s To Watch 2019" to find entrepreneurial leaders under the age of 30 (including 30 years old) in China. This is the third consecutive year that Hurun Report has released the Under30s Entrepreneur Leadership List. This year, 380 young talents from 343 companies in the top ten industries have been on the list. Their average age is 28, and men and women account for 82% and 18%. 


It is reported that the 30X30 Entrepreneur Leaders List is aimed at finding Chinese entrepreneurs under the age of 30. The selection and selection is based on the principle of independence, fairness and objectivity. Based on the Hurun Report database, the company conducts in-depth research and comprehensive analysis of the innovating enterprises. It covers Chinese entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in ten industries including enterprise technology, advanced manufacturing, entertainment media, retail, lifestyle services, education, finance, food and beverage, medical health, and automobile transportation.

The selection of this list is not only the professional jury affirmed the high recognition of Shi Yi and DotC United Group, but also means that the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation consciousness of Chinese young people represented by Shi Yi is beyond the scope. The imagination of the world, they know how to embrace technology and capital, have a good educational background, and be good at global management, and are a strong driving force for China's development in the future.


 Mr. Shi Yi, Founder and CEO of DotC United Group

It is worth mentioning that DotC United Group, founded by Shiyi, is a global technology-driven company dedicated to transforming life with technology and providing competition by focusing on the pain points of customers (enterprises and users) in the globalization process. Powerful, differentiated products and solutions that create value for customers and achieve win-win.

Under the excellent leadership of Shiyi, DotC United Group has been selected as one of Pitchbook's global unicorn companies in 2017, the most authoritative unicorns in the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Huron Greater China Unicorn Index in the first quarter of 2018. At present, the global market strategy has been gradually completed, focusing on user ecology and advertising & marketing automation business systems, covering more than 1 billion users worldwide.

In the future, Shi Yi said that he will live up to the expectations of Hurun and hundreds of millions of users around the world. He will lead DotC United Group to be driven by big data and high-tech innovation, focusing on technological iteration and continuous innovation of business models to continuously enhance its core competitiveness. Committed to providing superior products and services to customers around the world, helping more Chinese companies to become global.