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SaaS Project Leader

Job Responsibilities.

  1. research and analyze market and user needs, understand the market situation of subscription-based/SaaS model products, and submit analysis reports.
  2. be able to be independently responsible for building the product from 0-1, and be fully responsible for the development, tracking and maintenance of the project plan to ensure that the project is completed as planned.
  3. pay close attention to market dynamics, be responsible for research and analysis of relevant competitive products, and develop sustainable product planning.
  4. be responsible for the revenue, growth rate and other result indicators of SaaS products; be responsible for the complete product lifecycle, quickly iterate and improve products based on SaaS marketing metrics and data feedback, and lead the team together to quickly form direct use-oriented product requirements.
  5. manage SaaS product, operation, R&D, and business intelligence teams including data analysis, and coordinate and manage the closed-loop process of product from requirement planning, product development, product marketing, to result feedback.
    Job Qualifications.
  6. bachelor degree or above; 3-5 years of experience in SaaS product operation, PLG experience is preferred.
  7. familiar with the operation mode of SaaS software, good at using product operation method to accurately obtain key data and drive software business development based on data.
  8. be sensitive to data, good at communication, strong in action and strong in organization.
  9. Experience in successfully operating SaaS software is preferred.
Job Category: Director Engineering Leader
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Global Shanghai

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