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Product Director

Job responsibilities.
1、grasp the industry development trend, familiar with the business, product and technology development trends of the Internet advertising industry.
2、Digging and analyzing the needs and opportunities of advertising and marketing, sensitive to market changes, and capturing product opportunities in combination with technology development and application.
3、Responsible for the product work of advertising platforms (DSP, SSP, automated advertising and other platforms), including: demand analysis, program design, project management, competitive product research, data analysis, writing product description documents, simplifying the operation process, etc..
4、Familiar with overseas google/facebook and other advertising placement.

Job requirements.
1、Bachelor degree or above, with more than 5 years of internet advertising product related work.
2、a deep understanding of Internet advertising and unique insights, familiar with the relevant knowledge of Internet advertising products, development history, know the DSP/Exchange/SSP related concepts and product forms.
3、Good communication and coordination skills, product planning ability, execution follow-up ability, serious work and strong sense of responsibility.
4、Familiar with product management skills in all phases of product development, advanced proficiency in using product prototyping tools; familiar with software development process, able to communicate smoothly and cooperate well with development/testing.
5、Experience in product team management is preferred.
6、able to withstand strong project pressure.

Job Category: Director Engineering Leader
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Global Shanghai

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