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PHP Development Engineer

Job Description.
1、according to product requirements, complete the development and iteration of the company’s existing projects (interface and backend management).
2、Complete coding and documentation in accordance with the specifications.
3、Cooperate with the operation and maintenance, the project will be released online on time.
4、Complete other matters as explained by the leadership.

Job requirements.
1、Bachelor degree or above, with three or more years of PHP development experience, solid PHP foundation.
2、familiar with MVC development mode, common framework (such as: YII, ThinkPHP, etc.), common design patterns.
3、skilled use of redis, memcache, message middleware and other third-party open source products, and understand their principles.
4、Familiar with Linux, understand Linux common commands and tools.
5、Knowledge of front-end technology, familiar with JS, HTML, CSS, experience in using Vue framework is preferred.
6、Have big data storage optimization and high concurrency experience is preferred;
7、Good communication and teamwork spirit, with a sense of responsibility.

Job Category: Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Shanghai

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