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Senior Android Development Engineer

Job Description:

  1. Android development Leader, responsible for leading other team members to move forward together
  2. Participate in the overall architecture design, development and self-testing of the company’s mobile products
  3. Follow up on the exploration and research of new technologies, apply them to the actual product development, and continuously iterate and optimize
  4. responsible for solving key issues and technical problems encountered in the development process

    Job requirements:
  5. 5 years or more experience in Android platform development
  6. In-depth understanding of the features and differences of various versions of Android
  7. Have rich experience in Android application preservation, master a variety of preservation methods
  8. Have a live case (demo app) is preferred
  9. Solid foundation in Java/Kotlin, with deep understanding of underlying principles
  10. Proficient in Android memory management technology, familiar with Android App performance optimization
  11. familiar with Hybrid and other related technologies
  12. Proficiency in using various debugging tools and performance analysis tools for Android
Job Category: Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Global Shanghai

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