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Game Producer

Job Description.

  1. responsible for the overall planning, market positioning, design and development of game products.
  2. responsible for coordinating the whole process of project development and ensuring the time, quality and cost control of the project plan within an effective range.
  3. fully participate in the gameplay, numerical and functional framework building, technical orientation, art style positioning, etc. of the game.
  4. Select, train, manage and reasonably deploy the project production team including planning, art, programming and testing.
  5. responsible for the daily work of the game project team, and the progress status of the project.

Job requirements.
1.5 years of game development experience, at least 3 years of successful game project management experience, having led more than two casual game projects and put them online.

  1. good at thinking and digging, with certain game appreciation, familiar with and enthusiastic about the game industry, with excellent market analysis ability and project management experience.
  2. strong execution, practical experience and understanding of all details of game development work.
  3. rigorous thinking, creative, positive attitude, good team spirit and collaborative spirit.
Job Category: Director Engineering Leader
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Global Shanghai

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