KMS: Significantly Improving Advertising ROI

KMS helps you connect with global mainstream platforms like Facebook 、 Google、Tiktok. Through Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and Feed Ads, it allows advertisers to accurately locate core users, accelerate user conversion, retain user activity, and maintain profits. Its practicality and effectiveness made it one of the most recognized marketing tools in the industry.


DSP started in 2010. Since the official launch of the mobile traffic platform in 2014, it has provided highly effective services to global partners from various fields such as brand promotion, App, e-commerce, games, and subscriptions and so on. Based on its own global high-quality traffic resources and rich diverse advertising forms, DSP can reach mass users in countries / regions of different levels of development around the world, provide a large amount of own traffic media, and provide customers with the highest quality and most efficient cash Channels to meet customer needs for different types of advertising space. It supports banner ads, native ads, rewarded video ads and many other ad types.


APX is a global performance-based advertising trading platform launched in 2011. APX has a number of independent research and development technologies. Combined with the platform's excellent experience accumulated over the years, it provides the highest quality traffic for advertisers worldwide. At the same time, APX is also a self-service advertising trading platform for affiliates to realize global traffic. Advertisers use APX as a unified distribution platform for their ads, and affiliates use APX to manage their advertising spots around the world.