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DotC United Group - The China-to-Global Backbone
Home Products
Building user ecosystem and meeting users' demands by DotC APP Matrix.DotC Apps include Swift WiFi, Flash Keyboard, SUPO Series, Yellow Series etc., with a proprietary user base of over 400+million installs, DotC is one of the largest app developers globally.
Big Data
Programmatic Advertising
Big Data & Programmatic Advertising includes Avazu Advertising Platform and BI Platform.

Avazu is one of the leading mobile advertising platform globally and an early adaptor of programmatic advertising technologies. Avazu provides advertisers a one-stop performance solution, and offers publishers and developers a full range of custom-made monetization products. BI Platform aims to extract, analyse and predict large sets of big data to make each ad spend dollar more efficient. It manages, tracks and prevents potential data security issues.