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A Leading Global Advertising Platform
Avazu is one of the leading mobile advertising products globally and an early adaptor of programmatic advertising technologies. Avazu owns three main business: Avazu APX (including Avazu aNative), Avazu DSP and Avazu Media-Buy.
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Avazu Private Exchange

- Monetization for Affiliates and Agencies
Avazu Private Exchange (APX) is an global Ad exchange launched by Avazu in 2011. With multiple independent technologies and excellent Media Buy experience accumulated over the years, APX provides the highest quality traffic for global advertisers.
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Avazu aNative

- Offering monetization solutions to Developers
Avazu aNative (Offering monetization solutions to Developers) is a highly customizable displaying advertising, it offers seamless integration with a variety of applications, and one-stop app monetization solution for application developers, benefits channels, users and advertisers. With the excellent embedded application and advanced targeting technology, aNative aims to bring users the best experiences, and at the same time, to help them to get higher eCPM and ARPU to achieve the best monetization results.
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Avazu DSP

- Programmatic Advertising for Advertisers

Avazu DSP started in early 2010 and officially launched mobile traffic platform in 2014.

Avazu DSP has brought remarkable performance for global partners in Branding, APPs, E-commerce, Gaming, CPA offers and many more. Based on its own global premium traffic resources and a rich variety of advertising formats, Avazu DSP reaches a large number of users in different countries/regions of different developed countries. It has covered 200+ countries/territories, reached billions of global Internet users, and achieved tens of billions of daily expressions. In 2017 Avazu DSP helped a major gaming client to explore global user markets from top tier countries to lower ones. Within several months, it brought thousands of gaming users (each user acquisition as low as 50 cents), thus helped to seize the very first market opportunities.

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Avazu Media-Buy

- Significantly Improving Digital Advertising ROI
Avazu Media-Buy connects you with global mainstream platforms like Facebook and Google. Through Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, and Video Ads, it allows advertisers to accurately locate core users, accelerate user conversion, retain user activity, and maintain profits. The practicality and effectiveness of Avazu Media-Buy made it one of the most recognized marketing tools in the industry.
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