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Conference Announcement | DotC United Group 2018 Q3 Event Guide

1. Affiliated World Europe


July 18th-20th @ Barcelona, Spain


Booth: #16


Join the largest affiliate marketing mastermind and more than 3000 industry elites this summer in Barcelona, Spain. 30+ speakers will attend the conference. Multiple panels will be held focusing on the future of affiliate marketing industry. Don’t miss out this great opportunity to network and make more possibilities for your business.


DotC United Group 2018 Q3 Event Guide-Affiliated World Europe




2. Amsterdam Affiliate Conference


July 17th-20th @ Amsterdam, Netherland


This is a selective venue specifically targeting professionals in the field of affiliate marking. This event is a can’t-miss opportunity for you to meet industry pioneers and learn about their insights.

DotC United Group 2018 Q3 Event Guide-Amsterdam Affiliate Conference




3. Affiliated Summit East 2018


July 29th-31st @ New York, USA


The 3-day Affiliate Summit East will be held at one of the world’s most vibrant and creative city—-New York City. More than 5000 industry experts from over 70 countries will attend the conference this year, sharing their experience in publishing, blogging, traffic growth, retail, and technology innovation. The event aims to generate a platform for professionals to learn the current status and future trends in Affiliate marketing.

DotC United Group 2018 Q3 Event Guide-Affiliated Summit East 2018



4. China Joy 2018


Aug 3rd-6th @ Shanghai, China


Booth: #B709 (BTB-W3)


As one of the most influential events in digital entertainment filed, China Joy has always been the top choice for businesses to promote their brands and make an impact in the industry.


DotC United Group 2018 Q3 Event Guide-China Joy 2018



5. Gamescom


Aug 21st-25st @ Cologne, Germany


Gamescom is one of the largest annual summits for game and entertainment industry in Germany. Most updated technology and insights will be revealed at the conference. It will an amazing opportunity to learn and meet interesting people.

DotC United Group 2018 Q3 Event Guide-Gamescom




6. Dmexco


Sep 12nd-13rd @ Cologne, Germany


Booth: TBD


Dmexco invited more than 1100 companies to display and show their products and innovation. It is one of the most influential gathering in Germany and Europe, and a rare opportunity to meet industry elites from marketing and technology from all over the world.

DotC United Group 2018 Q3 Event Guide-Dmexco



7. GMIC Indonesia 2018


Sep 26

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia


Hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts will join GMIC Indonesia this fall to discuss the future of advertising and intelligence. This will be a great opportunity to learn the cutting-edge technology of the industry and meet great connections.

DotC United Group 2018 Q3 Event Guide-GMIC Indonesia 2018



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