05-22 2018   12:35:00

This May, Avazu is in Ukraine for the Mobile Beach Conference 2018

Mobile marketing and Tech innovation is not all about Asia and America. This summer, the two-day Mobile Beach Conference 2018 in Odyssey welcomed more than 5500 digital marketing and Tech professionals from more than 70 countries globally to discuss the trendiest updates of the industry.


Avazu is in Ukraine for the Mobile Beach Conference 2018

Mobile Beach Conference is one of the largest mobile marketing events in Eastern Europe and gathers professionals from Google, HTC, Facebook, and many other leading corporations in the world.


This year, Avazu was invited to share insights and experience in digital marketing and distribution. The opening remarks made by Avazu’s director of Business Development Ben Pony van Kessel was very well-received by the audience. 

Avazu meeting site

Avazu meeting site

Avazu meeting site

As world’s leading mobile advertising platform, Avazu not only presented a series of data-driven products that could significantly improve the digital marketing effectiveness, but also shared some anecdotes after decades’ of experience in the business. 

Avazu booth

Avazu booth

The two-day period allows Avazu to learn and grow as well after meeting hundreds and thousands of potential clients, industry professionals, and opinion leaders. Avazu will strive to develop more distribution channels globally and assist our clients to make more effective advertising decisions. Meanwhile, Avazu will continue to build more strategic relationship with more partners worldwide to better help our clients and the industry.


Avazu partner photo

About DotC United Group

DotC United Group creates and architects internet platforms to simplify globalization complexities. Our mission is to connect users from different countries and better their lives with state-of-the-art technologies. Starring products include DotC APPS Matrics, Avazu Advertising Platform, Data BI Noogenesis & nDefender. 


About Avazu

Avazu is one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms and a pioneer in programmatic advertising. Avazu offers performance-based marketing solutions, and provides developers and distributors comprehensive monetization products. Avazu Advertising Platforms process more than 20 billion impressions per day and calculate the value of more than 1 million impressions per second (QPS) with build-in predictive tools. Avazu business contains three major business lines including Avazu APX, Avazu aNative, and Avazu DPS.