03-05 2018   17:31:46

Conference Announcement | Meet Google Partners & DotC United Group in Chengdu

The advancement of technology and business innovation has allowed China to be at the forefront of the global mobile industry. Since the last decade, an increasing number of game and mobile developers initiated their ‘going global’ strategy; however, legal restraint, local culture, language efficiency, consumers’ buying power, and different user habits still remain challenges hampering the market performance of Chinese corporate abroad.



Meet Google Partners & DotC United Group in Chengdu 


To resolve such issue, Google will come to Chengdu to share its experience of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in traditional marketing and how it has succeeded with technological innovation.


The “Online Marketing Bootcamp: APP winning 2018” sponsored by Google Partners and DotC United Group will be held in Chengdu on Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018. Industry leaders worldwide will share their monetization strategy amid globalized marketing efforts to help enterprises in Chengdu finding opportunities overseas.


Date: Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 13:00-17:30

Location: Pilot Free Trade Zone, High-Tech Zone, Fucheng Road West 399, Building 10, 17th Floor