07-20 2017   20:35:47

Shi Yi Made Forbes 30 Under 30 for Third Time in Four Years!

Shi Yi, famous Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, made the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 China List: Enterprise Technology, marking the third time in four years he has been listed in the Forbes 30 under 30.


On July 20, Forbes China, the Chinese-language edition of Forbes, unveiled the 2017 edition of its annual “30 Under 30 China” list, including 30 members under the age of 30 for each of the 10 categories that make up the list.



2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 China List: Enterprise Technology


Forbes 30 Under 30 China List is issued annually for selecting Chinese young entrepreneurs and innovators, presenting to the world their entrepreneurial spirit and innovations, and hopefully can influencing more young people in the future. These young and brilliant people are well educated and know how to merge technology and capital, and they are efficient at planning and management. They are passionate and driven, and they will push China into a higher level of development in the future.



2017 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia: Enterprise Technology


Shi Yi was nominated as one of the Forbes China 30 Under 30 as early as 2014, and in April 2017, he made to (he was included in) Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia. Three months later, Shi Yi once again won Forbes honor, there is no doubt that his entrepreneurial spirit and innovation has been highly recognized by Forbes.



Shi Yi, Famous Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor


As a pioneer in China to the World, Shi Yi witnessed the globalization history of China Internet (development and expansion of the internet in China), from “nobody cares” to “everybody follows”, and all internet companies he built gradually formed the unique one-stop global business service. At present, Chinese internet model has been fully involved in the global competition, and recognized by lots of companies all over the world.


Winning this honor indicates the representative role of Shi Yi and a series of internet companies he built in the CTW path, and he will continue his role as a young and brilliant entrepreneur who always do his best to make an impact in the technology industry.




About Forbes China 30 Under 30

Forbes China 30 Under 30 is a set of lists issued annually by Forbes China, the Chinese-language edition of Forbes, the list featuring 300 young innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders under the age of 30 who are challenging conventions and making an impact in the world. Forbes election rate is 12%. The 10 categories include consumer technology; enterprise technology; entertainment and sports; the arts; finance and venture capital; industry, manufacturing and energy; healthcare and science; social entrepreneurs and education; me