01-10 2019   16:37:09

DotC United Group Discussed Marketing New Trend in Affiliate Summit West 2019

As one of the premiere affiliate marketing conference in the world, Affiliate Summit West 2019(ASW)was held in Las Vegas on January 6th. More than 6000 digital marketing professionals gathered together in this global event, discussed the status and trend of mobile marketing industry in 2019, and absorbed in the latest knowledge in Affiliate field.

This year, DotC United Group sent the top team to ASW 2019 and entertained many friends, guests and new faces. Team members brought forth all their strength, during the Summit, they communicated with clients patiently, shared product news, industry real stuff and marketing anecdotes with guests, and discovered new cooperation opportunities.

Two Members in Avazu | DotC United Group Team

ASW 2019 concluded successfully on Jan. 8th, we believe that all the participants have been fully rewarded in this event like we have. As world’s leading mobile advertising company, DotC United Group will keep digging in mobile marketing field and supporting the globalization realization of more Chinese companies.


As a leading international Tech company that focusing on globalization, DotC United Group (DUG) commits to connect users worldwide and create a better life through advanced technology. We create and architect internet platforms to tackle globalization challenges and simplify complexities in the globalization process, locating at mobile internationalization, concentrating on development, operation and commercial realization of mobile applications for overseas market. DUG supports company’s globalization strategy by collaboration among its advertising platforms, company data and application matrix, up to now, we have helped hundreds of Chinese companies realize globalization.

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About DotC United Group

DotC United Group(DUG) is a technology company which creates and architects internet platforms to tackle globalization challenges and simplify complexities in the globalization process. Utilizing years of experience in localization, data-driven solutions, and diversified distribution channels, DUG services can simplify CTW (China to the World) process through structured and systematic planning and execution. We provide competitive and differentiated products and solutions by focusing on the pain points of the clients (companies and users) during globalization, and create values for clients to achieve a multi-win. The company currently owns User Ecosystem (DotC APPS Matrix) and Big Data & Programmatic Advertising (Avazu Advertising Platform which provides global programmatic advertising solutions, data security and business intelligence platform Noogenesis). Our products have served billions+ users and clients composed of Huawei, Toutiao, Lazada, eFun, Meitu, 360 and Youzu Interactive.