12-11 2018   13:01:25

MS2018 Morketing Awards Announced: DotC United Group Granted Significant Award

MS 2018 Morketing Awards was announced at 8:30 p.m. on 6th, December, DotC United Group was granted MS2018 Morketing Award —— “Top 10 Valued CTW Marketing Platform”.

From Nov. 28th to December 6th, within less than two weeks, DotC United Group got “King of CTW”and “36 WISE Great Entrepreneur under 36” at WISE2018,“Most  Investing Value Award of the Year” at China Finance Summit Winter Forum and “Top Ten Valued CTW Marketing Platform”at Morketing Summit 2018 successively.


The success of several major awards should be attributed to DotC United Group’s development and continuous implementation of corporate culture. This indicates the public affirmation and recognition of our company’s business performance, corporate culture and management philosophy, also shows the achievements of our DotC United Group’s rich industry experience and word of mouth accumulation over the years.


As a technology company who focuses on globalization field, our mission is “Connecting the Dots”, to make efforts to connect global users by applying pioneer technology and latest products, to dig the differences in client ideas, culture, thinking patterns, to find commonalities by constant research and exploration, and provide services for people of different cultures, different ideas, and people in different usage scenarios. We provide competitive and differentiated products and solutions by focusing on the pain points of the clients (companies and users) during globalization, and create values for clients to achieve a multi-win.


In the development process, DotC United Group has always adhered to the management concept of fast, open, responsible, enterprising and inclusive, bringing better products and services to clients around the world with the core values of integrity, responsibility, teamwork and innovation. Our corporate culture will also empower the company and help DotC United Group continue to advance on the CTW (China to the world) track.


On the “2018 Morketing  Awards” Awards  Dinner  held  by  Morketing  on 6th December in Beijing,  DotC United Group won the “Top Ten Valued CTW Marketing Platform”award.

Morketing is famous as a comprehensive mobile marketing platform integrating content and services, it has certain authority in the mobile marketing industry. For this year’s “Morketing Award” selection, Morketing launched an industry expert review mechanism consists of media practitioners, representatives of Morketing’s “New Marketing Forces” and representatives of academic or industry institutions. In the panel, Morketing reserved a seat for each financial industry media, fashion media, technology media, entrepreneurship media, entertainment media, and Morketing’s marketing industry media, indicating the profession and authoritative of the honors.

Winning the award of “Morketing Award”this year originates from the rich accumulation and outstanding performance of DotC United Group in the global mobile marketing field, and indicates the recognition of the overseas brand reputation and influence of  DotC United Group.

As a leader company in CTW industry, DotC United Group creates and architects internet platforms to tackle globalization challenges and simplify complexities in the globalization process, locating at mobile internationalization, concentrating on development, operation and commercial realization of mobile applications for overseas market. Utilizing years of experience in localization, data-driven solutions, and diversified distribution channels, DUG services can simplify CTW (China to the World) process through structured and systematic planning and execution. The company currently owns mobile advertising platform Avazu, APP developer DotC and business intelligence platform Noogenesis, be committed to provide services such as operation, correlation application, data mining, public media monitoring, etc. and provides one-stop solution from user acquisition to realization.


In the near future, DotC United Group will continue to enhance itself in the process of technology iteration and innovation, and support Chinese Internet companies achieve globalization strategies, contribute to the global influence of Chinese brands. Meanwhile, DotC United Group will also identify and solve problems with an open mind and win-win attitude, and strive to create more possibilities.