12-05 2018   17:42:19

DotC United Group Won Award Again in CFS Winter Forum

After winning the “King of CTW ” Award on CTW sector and made “36 WISE Great Entrepreneur under 36”list in the WISE 2018 held by 36Kr on Nov. 28th, DotC United Group won 2018“Most Investing Value Award of the Year”in China Finance Summit Winter Forum on Nov. 30th.

The awards of DotC United Group not only means the approve and affirmation from the economics field, but also indicates that the brand influence of DotC United Group is gradually expanding from the mobile Internet industry to broader economic field.

With the theme of “The Great Time — Innovation and Breakthrough”, 2018 China Finance Summit Winter Forum was held on 30th Nov. in Beijing. Many honored guests from the business, political, academic, media and other fields gather together in this year’s Summit. As leading company of CTW field, after being nominated for recommendation and committee selection, DotC United Group won the “Most Investing Value Award of the Year” for its outstanding business performance, good public evaluation and great potential for corporate development.

The winning of the “Most Investing Value of the Year Award “not only shows the full recognition of DotC United Group’s innovative and global influence by the Chinese economics community, but also means the affirmation of DotC United Group’s achievement from deep drilling in CTW (China to World) for years.

DotC United Group CFO He Yuming at the awards

As one of the most influential grand summit in Chinese economic field, each summit has attracted much attention from all walks of life. In order to ensure the authority and impartiality of the selection, the organizing committee of the Summit selected the leading role in future economic field through social questionnaires, media, consulting agencies, industry associations, and public information collections, etc. It can be said that the competition for each award is extremely fierce, the selected winners are who has great strength in each industry. DotC United Group passed through all levels of scrutiny by the judges and eventually stood out from many well-known enterprises, which shows everyone’s expectation for DotC United Group’s development and unlimited potential in the future.

As the leading company in CTW field, DotC United Group makes efforts to connect users worldwide and create a better life through advanced technology. DotC United Group helps and supports Chinese company’s globalization strategy by collaboration among its advertising platform Avazu, business intelligence platform Noogenesis and application matrix DotC Apps Matrix. Utilizing years of experience in localization, data-driven solutions, and diversified distribution channels, DotC United Group services can simplify CTW process through structured and systematic planning and execution.

In the future, DotC United Group will continue to enhance itself in the process of technology iteration and innovation, and support Chinese Internet companies achieve globalization strategies, contribute to the global influence of Chinese brands. In the coming new year, DotC United Group will also identify and solve problems with an open mind and win-win attitude, and strive to create more possibilities.