12-24 2019
Tencent's "social phobia" What are the Internet giants afraid of?
Social networking has always been regarded as the foundation of Tencent's empire. Based on the two social products QQ and WeChat, Tencent has built a huge social relationship chain and a rich product
12-23 2019
Do it Like WeChat: Think Beyond One-Off Mobile Transactions to Value-Added Services
China’s extremely popular app WeChat hit 1bn user accounts worldwide this week. Users love the app because it acts as a central hub of the digital world. They use it to perform a variety of tasks rang
12-06 2019
Appnext’s Founder & CEO Elad Natanson Talks About the App Industry
How long have you been in this office with this perfect view?
12-05 2019
audience profiling 5 Ways We’re Catching Mobile App Fraud and Kicking its Butt!
Nobody likes to talk about ad fraud. Companies don’t like to admit that they don’t exactly know how to provide a solution for one of the biggest problems the mobile industry is facing, a problem that’
12-04 2019
audience profiling India – The New Land Of Apportunity
Recently, India has emerged as a leader in the technology and mobile application space. Mobile app development and mobile phone use have exponentially increased in Indian markets, and apps are experie
12-03 2019
One-on-one with Simone Grau – Performance Marketing Director at Medialabel
“We use Appnext for user acquisition. We test Appnext against other channels and shift the budget if needed. We’re reaching good volumes and we’re happy.”
12-02 2019
How to Penetrate Russia’s Expansive App Market
Russia is considered the 5th largest app market for iOS and Android mobile app downloads and is ranked 25th in the world for smartphone penetration. With over 84 million mobile users in the country, t
11-29 2019
The Challenges of User Acquisition in Today’s Mobile Market
There’s no denying that user acquisition is a significant challenge for app owners. In 2017 alone, there were 197 billion mobile app downloads from the app stores. This intense app store competition,