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After the special period, it will be a new round of bonus period of "red man economy" and "house economy"


"Housing economy" is a hot word in recent years. Not only the news media talked a lot, but also the capital market reacted, and even "housing economy concept stocks" appeared.


Behind the bonus period of "house economy", there are two main business ecology as support - "mobile tool ecology" and "red man community ecology".

程序员 代码 黑客

Programmer code hacker


What is the house economy?


In the past articles, I used to take the scenes in the movie "top player" for example. As long as you wear VR equipment, you can enter a virtual universe called "oasis". Except for eating, drinking, pulling, scattering and sleeping, all other important things (including education, work, shopping, tourism, love, wedding, etc.) can be carried out in the game scene. This is the scene Scenery is almost the same as the real world.


However, I would like to emphasize one point in particular: the difference between the real "house economy" and "top player" is that this matter is not dominated by a company, a platform or even a genius, but a business ecosystem jointly constructed by many front-line Network Platforms + Red fans community.

这个商业生态包括远程办公(阿里钉钉、腾讯文档、华为云WeLink),网购电商(京东、淘宝天猫、拼多多),社交社区(微信、陌陌、西五街、小红书),资讯服务(头条、百度、腾讯新闻),外卖生活(美团、饿了么、 58 同城),娱乐视频(抖音、快手、优酷),网络游戏(腾讯游戏、网易游戏),在线教育(学而思、新东方、简书),金融理财(蚂蚁金服、东方财富)等等……

This business ecosystem includes telecommuting (ALI nails, Tencent documents, HUAWEI cloud WeLink), online shopping providers (Jingdong, Taobao Tmall, many spells), social networking communities (WeChat, unfamiliar street, west five street, little red book), information services (headlines, Baidu, Tencent News), take away life (Group, hungry, 58 city), entertainment video (jitter, fast hand, Youku), online games (Tencent) Games, Netease games), online education (XRS, New Oriental, Jianshu), financial management (ant financial services, Oriental Wealth), etc

这个商业生态更是包括众多头部、腰部和精致的纳米网红大V,以及背后的 7 亿粉丝群体,构成了线上最具人气的商业流量中心。

This business ecosystem includes a large number of heads, waists and delicate red V of nano network, as well as 700 million fans behind it, which constitutes the most popular business flow center online.

2020 春节期间,因为众所周知的特殊情况,国内民众宅在家里的时间拉长很多,这个线上商业生态(各类APP+各类红人大V)与用户实现了空前广泛的深度接触。

During the Spring Festival in 2020, due to the well-known special circumstances, the domestic people stay at home for a long time. This online business ecosystem (all kinds of apps + all kinds of red people big V) has achieved unprecedented extensive in-depth contact with users.


It's not that each platform needs to cultivate consumer market and user habits, but that the people take the initiative to adapt to the online business ecosystem - almost all of the network platforms' customer acquisition costs have been unprecedentedly reduced.


Is this a special window of opportunity for a special period?


I don't think so.


I believe that this is a starting point to fully ignite the double dividend of "red man economy and house economy".

01宅经济的真正驱动引擎 不是这次疫情

The real driving engine of 01 house economy is not the epidemic


At present, it can be seen from the situation of some industries that the housing economy is getting great development:




Online games industry

有关数据显示,春节期间,下载量上升最快的 50 款app的前三类是休闲游戏、视频影音和医药相关类。

Relevant data shows that during the Spring Festival, the top three categories of the 50 apps with the fastest increase in downloads are leisure games, video, audio and medicine related.

尤其是据中国证券网报道,大年 30 当天,腾讯旗下的《王者荣耀》流水是 20 亿左右,去年同期是 13 亿,王者荣耀官方随后确认了上述数据。

In particular, according to China Securities Network, Tencent's "glory of the king" was running at about 2 billion on the 30th of the lunar new year, compared with 1.3 billion in the same period last year, and the Royal glory official later confirmed the above data.

手游、王者荣耀 (1)

Tour by hand, glory of the king (1)




Video entertainment industry

除了电影《囧妈》已经在 1 月 25 日上线今日头条、抖音、西瓜视频、抖音火山版和欢喜首映APP,均为免费独播。

In addition to the movie "embarrassing mother" has been launched in January 25th today, today's headlines, jitter, watermelon video, jowling volcano and happy Premiere APP are all free free broadcast.

各家视频平台在春节期间也都有所行动,比如芒果TV开放春节期间的免费会员,用户可以免费获得芒果TV的付费内容权益和免费去广告权益;爱奇艺放出 6 部免费电影及热门独播剧《爱情公寓5》、《绝代双骄》、《大主宰》;腾讯视频主要推出热门独播剧《三生三世枕上书》和《将夜》来吸引用户。

Each video platform also has actions during the Spring Festival, such as the free membership of mango TV during the Spring Festival, users can get the paid content rights and free advertising rights of mango TV free of charge; iqiyi released 6 free movies and popular solo dramas love apartment 5, peerless double pride and big master; Tencent video mainly launched the popular solo drama three lives and three pillows Shangshu and Jiangye attract users.




Takeaway industry


During the Spring Festival, in order to meet the needs of people's distribution in terms of foreign sales and fresh food, meituan take out, hungry, HEMA fresh, daily excellent fresh, Jingdong home, convenient bee and other platforms announced that the distribution service would not be closed, so as to provide blood transfusion for people forced to "live in the house".


Among them, thousands of delivery staff of Youxian stick to the front line every day, and users spontaneously reward the delivery staff through the app, and the reward amount will be given to the delivery staff themselves.




Logistics industry

国家邮政局组织中国邮政、顺丰、京东等 13 家企业,开通救援物资绿色通道,全力保障对武汉等重点地区的救援及生活物资的运输寄递。

The State Post Office organized 13 enterprises including China Post, Shunfeng, Jingdong, etc. to open a green channel for rescue materials and make every effort to guarantee the transportation and delivery of rescue and living materials to key areas such as Wuhan.


For a long time, app and logistics will be the only safe export for mass commerce.




Large platform should shoulder social responsibility


At present, the medical materials purchased by Alibaba in the world are accumulating one after another and are being continuously transported back to China.


Meituan announced the launch of seven measures to help merchants, including the introduction of exemption from Commission, extension of annual fees and special security measures for merchants in Wuhan.


This is not only an organizational mobilization to cope with the changes in the environment, but also a training to adapt to the new ecology of housing economy, which tests the efficiency and toughness of online business ecology.


The news media are used to connecting the great development of this wave of housing economy with this special period.


In fact, this is not the real driving engine of the housing economy. Even without the impact of this epidemic, the new generation of consumers, technology and business innovation will also drive the general trend of the housing economy.