01-07 2020   11:24:03

Midfield battles in short videos: Realizing more than just going abroad

"What's fast? I'll download one first."

Pharaoh watched the Spring Festival Gala news on his phone and quickly opened the app store. For an Internet "insulator" in Shandong county, the fast hand is not important, the key is fun, "and welfare." He remembered downloading the Baidu app for the first time last spring evening, grabbing more than 50 yuan in red packets .

After 39 years of Spring Festival Gala, the advertisers who rotate each year constitute a "Chinese economic barometer".

The mainstream sponsors of the 1980s are the youngest representatives-watches and bicycles. The mainstream in the 1990s became such home appliance manufacturers as Haier and Midea, and then Guojiao, Wuliangye, Langjiu, Yanghe and other wine brands competed.

Until 2015, Internet companies began to take over, and BAT took over in turn. This time, it's his turn.

Quick hands standing on the center of the stage is actually the prosperity of the entire short video industry this year.

After more than two years of rapid expansion of short video, the number of users has exceeded 820 million, a year-on-year growth rate of over 32%, which means that 7.2 out of 10 mobile Internet users are using short video products.

The combination of celebrities and amateurs, the popularity of VLOG, in the second half of the increasingly saturated traffic, the short video platform showed a more vertical and diversified trend, the exploration of marketing models and the desire to realize more than ever.

At the same time, the overseas war on domestic short videos has not stopped, and the globalization of the "old iron" has also become a new way of cultural export.

Short video "two super and many strong"

In the first half of this year, 100 million new users were installed in the short video industry, with a monthly average length of more than 22 hours. The fragmentation time of everyone is like this. Accordingly, the user activity of online reading, online games, and online music platforms has declined.

The short video is flourishing, but the industry pattern is already three minutes long. The iResearch index shows that the top ten positions of the short video app monthly stand-alone devices in October 2019 and the monthly stand-alone device ranking of the short video app in January 2019 have little change. Only the position of "Pippi Shrimp" was snatched by "Tencent Microvision".

This means that in the past 10 months, the industry had a large crowd of attendees, but the situation where the later wave overturned the previous wave did not appear.

The first echelon is dominated by Douyin and Quickhand. Although the genes are different and the traffic peaks, the boundary between the two has become increasingly blurred.

The fast hand speed version and the vibrato interface style are already very close

First, Kuaishou made a large-screen version, and the single-column drop-down information flow was like a vibrato; in August 2019, Kuaishou first released a super-speed version, and Douyin followed up, not only adopting red envelope subsidies to fission and pull new, but also used the "follow" interface. Shows the fast double-click display mode.

Douyin sinks and quickly floats, and the purpose of competing for users is more and more obvious. QuestMobile's data shows that Douyin and Quick Hands coincide with 160 million users, which has doubled from last year.

In contrast, "BAT" seeks "matrix + ecological flow" to gather teamfights, but it can only rank second.

Tencent has formed a short video APP matrix consisting of more than 10 products such as WeChat and Hot Pot; Alibaba's potato transformation short video; Sina cooperated in seconds to launch and launch Aidong small video; Baidu also has good-looking videos, small videos for all people and Cooperate with the blessing of the small video.

Compared with the fast-handed single player, “Matrix + Ecological Flow” is also a natural advantage of the headline system. Byte Beat has successfully established three major products: Douyin, Volcano Small Video, and Watermelon Video, with a total monthly active users of more than 15 Billion, with more than 700 million daily active users.

But the fast hand is not afraid. According to "LatePost", the product plan of the Spring Festival Gala has been finalized in mid-December. The amount of red envelopes on the day of the Spring Festival Gala will reach 1 billion yuan, exceeding the previous 900 million of Baidu and 600 million of Taobao. The amount of red envelopes. In addition to cash red envelopes, Kuaishou will also send power generators vouchers and a number of physical objects to link with e-commerce business.

All this is to quickly bridge the gap with the 320 million DAU of Douyin. In July this year, the founder Su Hua set the company's goal of achieving 300 million DAU before the Spring Festival of 2020. The Spring Festival Gala became a fast-handed corner overtaking Battle.

Although the strong one is Hengqiang, it does not affect the entry. Qu Toutiao pushed two short video apps this year in an attempt to become a new traffic grabber. On November 2 this year, CCTV's CCTV officially launched, and the entry of the "National Team" also began to make this track more attractive.

Vlog stub short video

If graphics are good-looking skins, short videos are interesting souls.

Content is undoubtedly the core player in short video competition. Diversified and exclusive content is a platform competitiveness that attracts users.

The Douyin Blue V ecological plan and the fast-handed photosynthetic plan, this year, based on user preferences, the platform has continuously established a richer and more three-dimensional content ecosystem.

Both Douyin and Weibo are working on Vlog for 5-15 minutes, and the short video platform "moves the knife" is actually the first step in changing the content wind.

This year is regarded as the first year of Vlog. More diversified expressions have given civilian content a chance to go out of the circle. Well-known Vlog bloggers such as "Jingyue" and Shi Lifen have gained millions of fans. The star's entry record is true. Last year Ouyang Nana, who has also been voicing, has made a wave of fans this year based on Vlog.

The mysterious Internet giants in the past have also begun to show their company image from the user's perspective through Vlog content such as one-day work experience and punch-in cafeteria.

Under Vlog, downloads of short video tools such as multi-flash and fast editing continue to soar.

But in the final analysis, the comprehensive short video content belongs to the masses. With the competition in the industry, the mass market short video products have no variables.

As a result, integrated platforms have begun to divert, and more vertical platforms have emerged. A survey from the Cool Goose Institute shows that since this year, 65% of users have installed more than two short video apps on their phones.

Various "short video +" apps have begun to enter the market. In January of this year, three short video social softwares such as multi-flash, toilet MT, and chatbao were launched simultaneously. In May, Weishi Online can synchronize 30-second video directly to the circle of friends function.

The "two-dimensional" field with the b station as the core has become a new track in the vertical short video field. Just recently, it was pointed out that Baidu is about to launch its fourth short video product, Fanle. Starting from micro-short dramas, it refers to the second dimension.

The bigger change is that short videos have become the underlying content form, which can penetrate into any field, any industry, and any App.

According to Party A's incomplete statistics, more than 50 of the top 500 apps are directly related to the short video business, and more than 150 apps are planned to start short video business.

Alibaba stated that it will spend 3 to 5 years on one billion SKUs of Taobao and Tmall, and will gradually transform from the previous graphic display to short video display.

Looking at the news of short video layouts throughout the year, there is almost no industry or form, and we can see a trend-education, finance and other industries have also begun to short video their products or turn short videos into service users. The product.

In the C-terminal short video products are already saturated, short videos still have huge imagination space on the B-terminal.